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the State of Baden-Württemberg – present to you:
The most flexible and modular fitting system for fitting of o-rings, groove rings and quad rings – external and internal. Logo ASM Systems... as manufacturer -
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The global economic crisis has not stopped the specialist manufacturer ASM from developing and manufacturing to customers’ extreme satisfaction 4 new modules for the assembly of

  • O rings,
  • groove rings and
  • special interior sealing rings PTFE.

ASM – as a specialist – has thus managed to fill yet another gap in the market

“Simply fantastic!” is the customer verdict, and justifiably so as the automatic twist-free fitting of the special shaped ring in omega groove fittings is unique and had hitherto not been available on the market!

You can employ ASM systems to fit interior sealing rings with an interior diameter of 6,0 – 230,0 mm reliably, carefully and twist free.

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Semi-automatic machine for fitting internal O-rings into a fitting: MOSI-800-Z2M-HAH2

An expansion of our modular flexible technology for fitting O rings outer lying by the infinitely variable assembly module MOSA-905-ZSV.

The new generation of our modular fitting system MOSI – internal O rings Process time, e.g. O ring 6.0 x 1.5 mm 0.4 sec